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Last Updated: 22nd December 2018
The purpose of this privacy statement is to advise you of the personal information that we hold about our customers and how we use this data. 

Who are we?
We provide IT services, web design and hosting service including the provision of emails.

The legal basis for processing your data?

When you engage us to provide you a service you give us the authority to keep information about your address, system information, website information and related information to allow us to provide a service to you. 

What personal data do we hold?
We hold your name, address and contact details and previous invoices. If we host your website, we also hold your hosting details including access passwords to your hosting server and renewal information along with all previous invoices. All information is stored on a local PC database which is password controlled

Why we need your information?
Your information will be solely used to support you in allowing us to provide a service which you request from us. We do not hold any personal financial details such as credit card bank details or PayPal account information.

Your data will not be given to any third parties or other organisations. 

Where is it held?
No information is collected from our website and all data is manually entered into our customer database.

By engaging us in providing support to you, you accept our data privacy policy and you give us consent to store and use your data as required to support you as our customer.

How long will we keep it?
If you have not used our services during the last 10 years, then your details will be deleted from our database, as we will assume that you no longer require our services. This is to allow us to provide you continued support.
The GDPR provides a number of rights concerning your personal information. More information can be found about your rights and the storing of information at the official GDPR website

If you have any questions about One 2 One PC Support or One 2 One Web design service and GDPR, please contact click here to email us

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